Ranch (the basics) Ranch (the basics)

Ranch (the basics)

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Your Ranch is a place to rest, gear up, and build. Here you can find some crucial information about it.
  • You can build your Ranch only at the Home location.
  • Building mode — to enter it, tap on the white house icon at the top right, under the minimap. 
  • There are different kinds of things you can build like floors, walls, doors, and windows, and special types of furniture.


How to build floors/walls/benches?

  • Enter the building mode.
  • Choose what you want to build. 
  • You will see a menu with the list of resources needed to build an object. If you have enough of them — just do it!
  • Walls, windows, doors, and most of the benches can be placed only on the floor of the same tier.


How to upgrade floors/walls/benches?

  • Enter the building mode.
  • You will see a menu with the list of resources needed for the upgrade and an up arrow button that you need to tap in order to upgrade the construction. If you do not see the command list, switch the tab in the bottom menu to any other one.
  • Tap the arrow button, if you have all the necessary resources.

Moving constructions

You can move everything at your ranch except for the floor, walls, and the broken cart. To move a construction, enter the building mode as written above, tap on the construction you want to move, and press on the crosspiece icon.

Destroying constructions

You get back all the resources spent on building various constructions upon destroying them.
That's awesome, don't you think so?

⚠️Please note!

  • If there is not enough storage on your ranch and inventory to put those resources into, you will eventually lose them.
  • If you have a gear installed on the workbench, it will be destroyed upon the destruction of the workbench.