Walls, floor, and windows Walls, floor, and windows

Walls, floor, and windows

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Your Ranch is your stronghold! In the table below you will find a list of the main components of your house. Build it wisely to make it both comfortable and well protected.

  • You can build only at the Home location. To do so, you must enter the building mode by tapping on the white house icon on the top right (under the minimap).
  • Walls, doors, and windows can't be placed on the ground. The floor of the same tier is required.
  • You can shoot through the windows.
  • Straw and pine walls, doors, and windows can be destroyed with an axe.
  • Shale, basalt, granite, and marble constructions can be destroyed only with dynamite.
wls_building_floor_basic.png Straw floor Basic flooring made of easy to obtain resources.
wls_building_floor_wooden.png Pine floor Upgrading straw flooring to pine flooring allows the player to upgrade constructions standing on it.
wls_building_floor_shale.png Shale floor Shale flooring is the first stone flooring available in the game.
wls_building_floor_basalt.png Basalt floor Basalt flooring opens access to upgrading constructions to higher levels.
wls_building_floor_granite.png Granite floor Sturdy flooring made of granite.
wls_building_floor_marble.png Marble floor The best currently available type of flooring.
wls_building_wall_basic.png Straw wall Straw walls are the most basic and primitive ones. Their price is cheap, but they get destroyed from a few strokes.
wls_building_wall_wooden.png Pine wall Pine walls provide some sort of protection. It is still rather easy to gather the necessary resources to build them.
wls_building_wall_shale.png Shale wall Shale walls take the player's defense to the next level. They can survive through some harsh bandit raids.
wls_building_wall_basalt.png Basalt wall Basalt walls are hard to destroy, but basalt is not that easy to gather.
wls_building_wall_granite.png Granite wall The second best type of walls. These will last longer than some other cowboys out there.
wls_building_wall_marble.png Marble wall The most durable type of walls in the game. Can take up a lot of damage.
wls_building_window_wall_basic.png Straw window An easy-to-build window that will allow the player to shoot from the inside of their ranch.
wls_building_window_wall_wooden.png Pine window Pine windows are more durable, but they are not that hard to break.
wls_building_window_wall_shale.png Shale window Shale windows will endure a lot before they break.
wls_building_window_wall_basalt.png Basalt window A nice and sturdy window that will last through many types of attacks.
wls_building_window_wall_granite.png Granite window Granite windows are hard to build and hard to break. Fair enough.
wls_building_window_wall_marble.png Marble window Marble windows are a rarity and a reason to be proud. There are but a few brave and desperate ones to try to break them.
wls_building_door_basic.png Straw door Straw doors are as fragile as the materials you make them from.
wls_building_door_wooden.png Pine door A pine door is better than a straw one, but wood does not stand the durability test well.
wls_building_door_shale.png Shale door Shale doors are durable enough to save your ranch from mediocre bandits.
wls_building_door_basalt.png Basalt door Basalts doors will keep the outsiders away. It will take a lot of power to damage them.
wls_building_door_granite.png Granite door Granite doors protect one's treasures greatly.
wls_building_door_marble.png Marble door Marble doors are almost impossible to break.