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You have traveled across many locations and gathered a whole backpack full of resources, but don't know what to do with them next? Enter the building mode by tapping on the white house icon on the top right side of your screen whilst on your Ranch and make sure to build all the available workbenches. These will allow you to craft new items and resources needed for your adventures. You can upgrade your workbenches to get new recipes, but make sure the floor underneath them is upgraded as well! 


blobid0-min.png Carpenter table Table for cutting logs into planks.
blobid1-min.png Stonecutter Let's you cut stone into even, identical blocks.
blobid2-min.png Foundry Fire smelts ore into neat metal bars.
blobid3-min.png Leather dryer Used to weave rope and to manufacture hides and leather
blobid4-min.png Bonfire Cooked food is much better than raw food.
blobid5-min.png Kitchen A table for preparing food. Every cowboy needs to know how to cook.
blobid6-min.png Loom Used for making cloth.
blobid7-min.png Armor workbench A workshop for making clothing.
blobid8-min.png Tool bench A workshop for making tools.
blobid9-min.png Forge A workshop for building combat weapons. Strike while the iron's hot.
blobid10-min.png Gun workbench Table with tools for manufacturing weapon parts for making firearms.
blobid11-min.png Herbalist table Allows you to produce bandages and herbal infusions
blobid12-min.png Laboratory You'll need all those tubes and flasks to deal with chemicals and produce medicine and dynamite
blobid13-min.png Repair bench Allows you to breathe new life into old things
wls2_building_recycle_machine.png Dismantling bench Dismantles items you no longer need into materials.
Well-min.png Well Fill empty canteen with pure water from the well
screenshot000__1_.png Field You can plant various seeds here
wls2_building_production_pets_2_icon_110.png Bait Workbench Allows to craft various baits for animals.
wls2_building_encyclopedia_110.png Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia contains all the information about dishes, their ingredients, and bonuses they grant. 

Besides providing valuable information, the Encyclopedia helps you keep track of the dishes you've already tried and the ones you haven't.