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There are various useful structures that you can have on your ranch aside from your house. To build them, you simply need to enter the building mode by tapping on the white house icon on the top right of your screen whilst on your ranch and select them from the Projects tab. Keep in mind that after you put a project on your property, you'll need to finalize the project manually before it becomes actually functional. To do that, tap on the project construction on your ranch and either drag and drop the resources from your backpack on the empty field or double tap on the resource in your backpack.


blobid3.png Quest board Can be used to accept daily quests.
blobid2.png Dovecote Allows you to receive messages from smugglers and the latest news.
stables_256.png Stables Shelter for your true friend.
cart_256.png Wagon Gives 20 extra slots for your inventory. Can be used as transport for the heavy safe. Requires refined sugar for traveling.
pet_house_icon.png Pet House Here your pets live.
chicken_coop_256.png Chicken Coop Here your chickens leave.
barn_256.png Barn The storage of your seeds, fiber and compound feed.
blobid5-min.png Safes (x2) Perfect storage for the most valuable things. Can't be destroyed by enemies but not so spacious.
wls2_building_storage_generator.png  Generator The generator produces and stores electrical energy, which, in turn, is essential for crafting weapons, armor, and Tier 6 secondary resources on your Ranch!