A horse is your most important ally. It allows you to travel to distant locations using its Energy instead of yours. Some locations and special events can be riched only on horseback.

You will obtain your first horse when you build a Stables. Upgrading it you will be able to own up to 8 horses at the same time. This is the place where you can change your active horse, give them some rest to restore energy, feed, and breed them! For all the other horses, you can acquire them through two methods: buying from Arabella Gallopridge in Silverton or breeding them on your Ranch. Unlike pets, it is not possible to tame a horse from the wild!

Each horse possesses a set of attributes that influence its usefulness for different tasks: Energy, Speed, and Endurance.

Horse stats

‘Horse Energy’ — The reserve of strength that each horse can expend to carry you on horseback or pull a Wagon. As long as the horse has Energy, you can move with it across the global map. Once the horse's energy reserve is depleted, you'll need to dismount and continue your journey on foot, leading the horse by the reins.

Please note!
Each horse has its own energy reserve. So you can return to the ranch with a tired horse, switch to another one with full strength, and continue on your endeavors.

By popular demand, we combined two players' requests — natural Energy regain and the possibility to feed horses, not just treat them! From now on, you can cultivate Oats in your fields, craft Horse Feed and then place it in the stable's Feeder. Meanwhile, Refined Sugar is still available in the game but was renamed to Horse Sugar Treats. Thus, there are 2 ways to replenish your horses' Energy:

  • Stable Restoration — The horse's Energy gradually recovers when a tired horse is at the Ranch and there is food in the stable's Feeder! Horses can feed on any crops grown on your Ranch, such as Corn or Pumpkin. However, Horse Feed made with Oats and Corn is their favorite food, providing the most nourishment for them.
  • Horse Sugar Treats — As before, you can treat your trusty steed, instantly replenishing its Energy. The more treats you give, the more energy your current horse regains.

There are 2 other important stats that influence the optimal use of your horse.

  • Speed is a parameter that determines the amount of energy the horse consumes per second while riding.
  • Endurance is a parameter that determines the amount of energy the horse consumes per second while moving with a Wagon.



In addition to their main stats, each horse possesses at least one innate perk, a distinctive attribute that grants a bonus to a specific aspect. The most exceptional horses even possess two perks, making them exceedingly rare. Let’s take a close look at the available perks.

  • Energetic — The horse has a constant bonus to maximum Energy.
  • Increased Speed — The horse has a constant Speed bonus.
  • Increased Endurance — The horse has a constant Endurance bonus.
  • Thrifty — Reduces the amount of feed consumed from the feeding trough for energy restoration.
  • Fast Metabolism — The horse recovers more Energy while in the Stable.
  • Sweet Tooth — The horse recovers more units of Energy when eating Sugar Treats.
  • Cargo Carrier — Horse has additional inventory slots. Rare perk.
Please note!
Similar to pets, perks can vary in rarity, which is independent of the horse's tier or rarity. This means that a common horse may have an uncommon perk, while an uncommon horse may have a common perk.

Variety of Horses


As you already may understand a diverse selection of horses with unique attributes is now introduced in Westland Survival. Furthermore, now you have the opportunity to acquire horses that vary not only in their stats but also in their visual designs.

Types of horses

There are 2 types of horses:

  • Riding horses — Swift, graceful, and spirited horses are perfect for solo riding.
  • Draft horses — Strong and sturdy draft horses are ideal for Wagon transporting.

Both types of horses can perform both functions. You can ride a draft horse or transport a Wagon with a riding horse, but it would be more energy-consuming. However, it's worth noting that horses of different types cannot produce offspring.

Horse breeds and colors

Breed is the primary determining factor of how your horse looks and what perks it has. In the game, you will have the opportunity to own horses of the 7 legendary breeds.

  • Kentucky Saddler — A graceful and versatile breed, known for its elegance and refined temperament.
  • Mustang — A symbol of untamed freedom and raw spirit, the Mustang is a captivating and resilient breed.
  • Appaloosa — A breed known for its striking coat patterns, versatility, and exceptional athleticism.
  • Belgian Draft — It’s an imposing powerhouse, known for its sheer strength and gentle demeanor.
  • Percheron — A French breed of remarkable elegance and power, embodies grace and strength in perfect harmony.
  • Shire — A majestic breed revered for its commanding size, noble presence, and remarkable strength.
  • Arabian — A vision of pure grace and beauty, the White Arabian is a premium breed, an exquisite equine specimen!

Each breed can have different coat colors. Some coat colors may be shared among different breeds, but certain horse breeds can also have unique coat colors that are not available to others.

The combination of different breeds and coat colors creates a wide variety of horse appearances that you can acquire. 

Tiers and Rarity

Each horse has a tier and rarity. Unlike pets, the minimum tier for a horse is the third. This means you can have horses of tiers 3, 4, and 5. Horses of each tier can have different rarities:

  • Tier 3: common, uncommon, and rare.
  • Tier 4: common, uncommon, and rare.
  • Tier 5: common, uncommon, rare, and epic.