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Chicken coop

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Have you ever thought of how great it would be to be able to produce meat at your Ranch? Your pets dreamed of it, actually. Just look at those petty eyes, begging for a juicy chicken leg! 

Now you can fulfill your pets’ wishes, as well as make some delicious food for yourself within your Ranch territory! Build a Chicken coop and start raising chickens. 


  • How to build a Chicken coop? — Go to the ‘Projects’ tab in the building mode, you’ll find it among the available options.
  • Upgrading the Chicken Coop is beneficial in 3 different ways:
    — Store more chickens in it (Level 1 — 15 chickens; Level 2 — 30 chickens; Level 3 — 45 chickens; Level 4 — 60 chickens);
    — Increased chicken growth rate (Level 1 — 5 chickens; Level 2 — 10 chickens; Level 3 — 15 chickens; Level 4 — 20 chickens);
     Increased feeder capacity (Level 1 — 825; Level 2 — 1650; Level 3 — 2475; Level 4 — 3300).
  • Where can I find a Breeding rooster? — You’ll need a Breeding rooster to start your chicken family. It can be found at the Train attack daily event. 
  • How far can I upgrade the coop? — For now, the Chicken coop max level is 4.
  • What will happen to the coop during bandit raids? — Bandits are human, after all, so even they can fear something. In this particular case, a Breeding rooster is a danger they prefer to avoid.

The coop is built, and now it’s time to take care of your hens! Actually, they are pretty self-sufficient, and all they require from you is food. They won’t mind some Wheat, but feeding them with compound feed is a much better option. You can make it on the Farming workbench whenever you need it! 

Growing chickens:

  • Make sure to keep the feeder of your coop filled, otherwise the chickens won’t be able to appear. 
  • Chicken population increases once in 22 hours. 

Feeding nuances:

  • Upon appearing in the Coop, a chick consumes 55 feeding points. It will NOT require any additional food later on!
  • If you’ve got your Feeder filled to the brim, you will fill the Chicken Coop with chickens in just 3 days!

Once the chicks grow up, you can use a Farming workbench to convert them to meat. Even if you get rid of all the chicks, your rooster and a hen will stay inside the coop to continue production.